​​​​Kristina Hallett, PhD, ABPP  Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

​Shamanic Energy Healing Services for Soulful Living

Suffield, CT


"You are an excellent teacher who kept me engaged and present the entire class.  I very much enjoyed the content and feel I learned a LOT about shamanism".

S., CT  Reiki Master - attended Shamanic Reiki workshop

"Even though we weren't in the same location, Kristina helped me move towards overcoming a big issue from a few years ago.  She identified the problem and other deeper problems I didn't realize I had.  I would highly recommend Kristina to anyone who is stuck, overwhelmed or depressed and are in need of clarity and healing".

J., CA.  - distance shamanic session

"Kristina has not only helped me to address obstacles in my life that were hindering my growth, but she also provided the insight and tools I needed in order to move forward with more confidence and clarity.  I highly recommend her services for those seeking a healthy balance between mental and physical healing.  The experience was unlike anything I have been a part of before - she's wonderful!"

K., CT - in-person shamanic services

​"As a Reiki Master I was very intrigued to see similarities in shaman practices to Reiki Healing...after my workshop I feel Kristina has opened up new doors for healing in such a PROFOUND WAY....Very grateful for the experiences and insight from Kristina!"

L.., CT - Shamanic Reiki workshop

​"Kristina is the most incredible intuitive healer I know. She has the capability to hold the most gentle and loving space for you while she works on healing pieces of you that may not have even know needed a little TLC. You are able to go home with a plethora of knowledge about yourself and the path you need to journey on next. You are not left confused and wondering where to go- she gives you guidelines, homework, and practices to explore in order to further the healing process you experienced with her. I would highly recommend her to any one looking for a shamanic healer!"