​​​​Kristina Hallett, PhD, ABPP  Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

​Shamanic Energy Healing Services for Soulful Living

Suffield, CT

Shamanic services - energy healing, coaching, mentoring

Real People.  Real Change.  

Feeling lost? Overwhelmed? Life doesn't seem to be on track?  Relationship issues, a career that doesn't satisfy you, a lack of connection, feeling stuck or without direction?  There is hope and a better way using alternative healing. Discover everything you need through energy healing from your own personal life coach.  Find peace and new direction.  Come in to see for yourself - you deserve it!

In-person and distance alternative healing/energy healing services available from your personal life coach.  Call for an appointment at 860-965-1655 and make sure to join our mailing list!

Discover your path.....

Energy healing shows the way forward.  As far as the eye can see with nothing but nature’s beauty in front of you.  Looking within, hearing your own heart beat, learning the secrets from your inner self, your past, your future.  Shamanism beliefs and techniques are a form of alternative healing that will change your perspective -  in addition to providing personal life coaching - discover the you that's been waiting all your life!


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