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Why I was afraid to become a Shaman

​article published 11/3/15 on Over the Moon Weekly

Ever wonder about Shamanism? Wonder about whether there really was some “magic” that people could do—a psychic hotline to wellness?

Read the rest at: http://overthemoonmag.com/2015/11/why-i-was-afraid-to-become-a-shaman/

Be your own best friend:

article published 4/10/16 on Mind Body Network​​


Why Believing You Are A Princess Is A Good Idea - The (Warrior) Princess Principle

published 4/28/16 on Huffington Post


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How I Started My Real Life At 50

published 4/28/16 in Huffington Post Blog


​​​Visualization (also known as shamanic journeying) – why it’s not just in your head

Article published on 4/14/16 on Shaman's Market