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Kristina Hallett, PhD, ABPP

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist

Shamanic Practitioner

​​​​Kristina Hallett, PhD, ABPP  Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

​Shamanic Energy Healing Services for Soulful Living

Suffield, CT

Shamanism is one of the oldest holistic healing practices.  Shamanism addresses emotional, physical and spiritual difficulties and promotes wellness and connection as a means to living your best life.  Shamanism is an avenue to discovering and living your soul's purpose - a spiritual experience accessing the past/present/future through journeying and connecting to your highest self.  In psychology, Jung described the "collective unconscious", known also as the universal energy connecting all living beings.   Like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, shamanic healing creates change at the level of the soul, freeing you to move forward towards your heart's desire and allowing your light to shine, enhancing yourself, your community and the world.

​Learn to take your own shamanic journey.  Meet your spirit animals.  Engage in a destiny retrieval.  Turn your soul parts "on" to fully experience your best life.​ 

​Individual and group sessions available.  Contact us for more information.

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