​​​​Kristina Hallett, PhD, ABPP  Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

​Shamanic Energy Healing Services for Soulful Living

Suffield, CT

Dr. ​Kristina Hallett is a licensed psychologist, Board Certified in Clinical Psychology, a graduate Professor of Psychology and a Shaman.  

She has published articles in the journals Women and Therapy and Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics, as well as published in Shaman's Market, Mind Body Network, Over the Moon Magazine. She is an expert contributor on Your Tango and has a blog on Huffington Post. See some of her articles on the Articles page.  

Dr. Hallett has presented nationally on a variety of topics including Self-Care; Mentoring; Treatment of Severe Trauma and Dissociative Identity Disorder.  She is a dedicated helping professional who loves an opportunity to connect with new people.  She shares her infectious excitement about living life to the fullest with family, friends, colleagues and her pet menagerie (4 dogs and 3 cats).

Dr. Kristina Hallett firmly believes that laughter is the best medicine, and encourages you to bring joy and gratitude into your life every day!